At Dragon Tongue Medicinal Farm, we believe medicinal herbs are the expression of the healing nature of land itself. We are committed to cultivation and wildcrafting practices that respect the interconnectedness of life, using no chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. As the wildcrafting tradition exemplifies, nature has grown medicinal herbs successfully for millennia. With close observation and minimal intervention, we seek to emulate the methods of the wild. Medicinal herb quality is the result of preserving nature’s vitality throughout the cultivation process and passing it on, intact, to the customer. That is what we’re here to do.

Who We Are

Georgia Mitchell is a determined plant propagator with an eye for the unusual. Her education in agroecology and cross-cultural resource management informs and inspires her efforts to introduce Chinese medicinal herbs to cultivation in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked in ornamental and native plant nurseries, pursued training in seed production, and found her niche with medicinal herbs.

Christopher Ludjin is a facilities manager by day, a woodworker by trade, and an artist and designer at heart. He brings an innovative approach to infrastructure development on the farm, with additional expertise in mechanics and advertising.

Origin Story

What's in an image? How do we convey what we believe? In cultures throughout the world, images are both expression and affirmation of what is sacred or holy. Often the subjects of these images are tied to our feelings of dependence. On what do we rely? On what does...

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Farming Dreams

Behind every farm is a story, and this story starts as dreams. Both Christopher Ludjin and I, Georgia Mitchell, had long unrealized farm fantasies. We both spent time on farms as children, and felt a kinship with the lifestyle and people living it. I had been carrying...

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