At Dragon Tongue Medicinal Farm, each season is an adventure. Especially in our early years, we may not know what the seedling of a new species looks like until it uncurls itself up out of its propagation box. The joy of discovering new life motivates us every day.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor. We will share what we learn as we learn it, and post resources that we find inspiring. We ask that you bring your curiosity about the world and its leafy inhabitants — and not just to these pages: take it out with you on a walk around your neighborhood, or in the surrounding woods. Medicine lives everywhere.

Agastache Rising

Spring is a complicated season. We rejoice in the new life rising from the ground, the return of warmth and birdsong and leaf-filled trees. And we mourn what didn't make it through the winter; inevitably a few of our favorite friends succumbed to cold or rot or a...

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Tree Peony Seed: One Year Five Months

Do you remember the Frog and Toad story about Toad trying to make his seeds sprout faster? He yells at them, he sings and reads to them, but nothing but time, sun, and rain can make them grow. On the medicinal farm, there is no shortage of opportunities for...

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Inside a Carthamus Flower

Carthamus tinctorius, source of hong hua in the Chinese medicinal world, produces continuous blossoms throughout August and beyond. Curious how I could harvest florets one day and return to an entire new crop a couple days later, I decided to cut open a flower head...

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Beginning with Gentians

I'm trying to remember when my fascination with gentians began. Perhaps it was after college, while I was propagating ornamental plants at a local nursery, and saw my first upturned neon-blue trumpet on an unassuming little pile of green leaves. Then I learned members...

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What Gives Strength

Beginnings are marked by what brought them about, and in launching the Dragon Tongue Medicinal Farm website, I want to recognize the people, businesses, and organizations that continue to inspire and support this venture. Peg Schafer of the Chinese Medicinal Herb...

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